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Give Your House Its "Vitamins": Hire Professional Cleaning Services

April 13, 2016 no Comments
Professional preventative maintenance for our homes is like giving our house its vitamins.  Cleaning, (vitamin C), and protecting (vitamin P) are two of the most important supplements for your home. ...
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5 Common House Cleaning Mistakes

April 02, 2016 no Comments
What's so hard about house-cleaning? All you do is buy an all-purpose cleaner and spray down everything, wipe and repeat right? Not so fast! Proper house maintenance takes a little more thought and...
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8 House Cleaning Tips You Never Knew You Needed!

April 01, 2016 no Comments in Master Clean Tips
     We all know about basic house cleaning maintenance.  Those dreaded weekly chores we all had to divvy up with our siblings such as cleaning the bathroom, dusting, sweeping, mopping.  Mom even...
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To Do Lists Keep Our Professional Cleaning Company Growing Strong

March 31, 2016 no Comments
What an exciting new year so far here at Master Clean USA! Our recent corporate meeting continued to set an enthusiastic tone for continued positive growth for our company but most of all, renewed...
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10 Move Out Tips for Stress-Free Moving Experience

March 31, 2016 no Comments
One of the things we hear often from our clients is how draining a move can be. It seems that no matter how well you plan, the experience is stressful and exhausting and takes a toll on...
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Fun Facts About the Origin of the Spring Cleaning Tradition

March 23, 2016 no Comments
The term “Spring Cleaning” refers to the practice of thoroughly cleaning your home in the spring time. It’s really used interchangeably with any effort of deep or heavy duty cleaning in all or part...
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Most Important Cleaning Tools to Have on Hand for DIY Cleaning

March 19, 2016 no Comments
If you are not ready to hire a professional cleaning company to handle your tough house cleaning problems, there are important DIY cleaning tricks and products to keep on hand for dealing with those...
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How to Choose a Professional Cleaning Company: 10 Must-Ask Questions

March 11, 2016 no Comments
Choosing a professional in any service area is important and a cleaning specialist should be no different! Still, often we don’t take the same time to vet the cleaners we bring into our homes even...
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Valentine’s Day Gifts:  DIY Valentine Gifts for Him and Her

February 14, 2016 no Comments
With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and men and women looking for outside-the-box ideas, we put together the perfect gift (in our opinion) for the special man or woman in your life. Here is...
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Professionalism in the Workplace: A Note from the CEO

February 12, 2016 no Comments
Ever notice how rare a smile is when frequenting businesses these days? Just this morning my “good morning” to a cashier was returned with a blank, silent stare. He should know he is representing his...
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