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Spring Cleaning-A Day at a Time Part 2

March 16, 2017 no Comments in Master Clean Tips
  You are now about half way through a thorough, detailed cleaning of your house.  This is fantastic!  Not only do I bet you feel better, but your house does too and the preventative care is really...
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Spring Cleaning-A Day at a Time Part 1

March 09, 2017 no Comments in Master Clean Tips
  Just the thought of “Spring Cleaning” can induce stress in even the best of us and hiring someone to do this cleaning tradition isn’t always in the budget.  But the benefits are true, and many. ...
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When does a business terminate a Customer? Did I just say that?

January 05, 2017 no Comments
  As a hardworking entrepreneur working on all phases of your business, one principle focus is customer satisfaction. But what do you do when a client expresses unfounded accusations of poor work or,...
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10 Discerning Must Ask Questions When Hiring a House Cleaning Service

November 29, 2016 no Comments
  Everyone knows how to clean, right? Look under house cleaners in your yellow pages or google local companies and you will find a long list of choices for home cleaning services, but is every...
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The Essential Student Move Out Guide

May 05, 2016 2 Comments
Living in a college town means that every summer we get an outflow of tens of thousands of students who are going home for the summer and in the fall, a tremendous influx of everyone returning to...
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Floor Cleaning Service: Your floor cleaning ABC's:

April 29, 2016 1 Comment
Whether you have natural stone, wood, tile or even wax/no-wax vinyl floors, proper cleaning is not exactly intuitive.  How do you maintain one versus the other and what products can you use that will...
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Exterior Home Cleaning- 7 tips to maintain value and curb appeal

April 28, 2016 no Comments
One of the things we all put off is cleaning.  House cleaning is no one’s favorite chore, especially with all the other priorities and activities of everyday life.  Eventually we get around to...
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Give Your House Its "Vitamins": Hire Professional Cleaning Services

April 13, 2016 no Comments
Professional preventative maintenance for our homes is like giving our house its vitamins.  Cleaning, (vitamin C), and protecting (vitamin P) are two of the most important supplements for your home. ...
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5 Common House Cleaning Mistakes

April 02, 2016 no Comments
What's so hard about house-cleaning? All you do is buy an all-purpose cleaner and spray down everything, wipe and repeat right? Not so fast! Proper house maintenance takes a little more thought and...
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8 House Cleaning Tips You Never Knew You Needed!

April 01, 2016 no Comments in Master Clean Tips
     We all know about basic house cleaning maintenance.  Those dreaded weekly chores we all had to divvy up with our siblings such as cleaning the bathroom, dusting, sweeping, mopping.  Mom even...
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