How To Clean Series


About this Series:

If you want to get someone to procrastinate, just ask them to clean.  Cleaning is one of the things that no one looks forward to, most people hate, but everyone has to do.  As the owner of a cleaning company and someone who had cleaning chores her whole life, I assumed that everyone knew how to clean.  But, not only is cleaning not fun, I have found that for many, it isn’t always intuitive or obvious how.  This is why “The How to Clean Series” was born. 

This series will take each area of the home (or office!) and give you tips and tricks for cleaning success as well as a step by step set of instructions of how to clean.  We will make no assumptions and will describe how to dust, how to clean a toilet, how to clean your floors, how to clean an oven and much more.  In addition, we will recommend some of our favorite cleaning supplies and tools to make your job easier.  You may also want to check out our blog on 5 common House Cleaning Mistakes you don’t want to make.  We hope that this series is more than useful; we hope that it gives you the information and tools to not get discouraged, stay efficient and help you clean and keep a beautiful environment for you and your loved ones.

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I hope you find our series helpful and keep checking back for the other parts in the series on our blog.


Organized Living

January 03, 2019 no Comments
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New Years Cleaning Resolution!

January 01, 2019 no Comments
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How to Series-- When DIY Won’t Quite Cut It - Hire A Pro For These Jobs

April 11, 2018 no Comments
Photo Credit:  Pexels   Erin Reynolds from shares with Master Clean USA and its readers why sometimes it important to know when the "how to's" of  DIY projects are all about finding the...
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How to clean your floors

May 26, 2016 no Comments
Whether you have natural stone, wood, tile or even wax/no-wax vinyl floors, learning how to clean your floors is essential for their longevity. This article will address a few DIY cloor cleaning how...
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Part Five: How to clean blinds

May 19, 2016 2 Comments
The best way to teach you how to clean blinds is to teach you how to never have to!  The best cleaning tip we can give you is to keep up with housekeeping chores by maintaining them consistently so...
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Part Four: How to dust your home

May 10, 2016 no Comments
It is easy to procrastinate on dusting your home especially when you are time strapped. Not only is it a tedious house cleaning job, but it seems less important than say disinfecting the bathroom or...
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Part Three: How to de-clutter your home

May 03, 2016 1 Comment
Sometimes a house isn't as dirty as it is cluttered. Unneeded objects or items we simply don’t know where to store or that get brought from one area of the house to another and not put away can...
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Part Two: How to clean a bathroom

April 26, 2016 no Comments
Bathroom cleaning is my least favorite cleaning chore of all the house cleaning chores…but boy oh boy is it a bad idea to procrastinate on this hateful chore!  Procrastination in cleaning this room...
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Part One:  How to clean a kitchen

April 22, 2016 no Comments
Kitchens are one of the most important areas to clean and can be the most challenging with all the grease and potential germs waiting to find a cozy place to grow.  First step: decide to follow a...
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